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HMK 640 WL has heavy duty type of standard bucket with 4.2 m³ capacity.

HMK 640 WL provides ease of loading thanks to its loading height of 4m.

Entire chassis of HMK 640 WL is designed for heavy duty operation, and it is suitable for the most challenging operating conditions.

On HMK 640 WL, front and rear LED Headlamps are used. LED Headlamps both are long-lasting and have high lightening feature.

HMK 640 WL operator cab has FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) and ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) certificates that indicate that the operator is protected against objects falling down or against rolling over.

LED lighting on the cab provides 2 times more light than normal while working with HMK 640 WL in dark or inadequately illuminated areas. Also, it provides a long period of operation for the user thanks to its wide night view angle.

HMK 640 WL offers high manoeuvrability with its articulation angle of 40°.

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LED stop lamps used in HMK 640 WL provide more service life and less energy consumption.

HMK 640 WL allows that service and maintenance operations are performed in the easiest and quickest way, and thus improves efficiency and uptime.

With the operator cab of HMK 640 WL that is to be tilted for 35°, you have everything you require during service and maintenance at your disposal.

In order to get on and get off the operator cap easily, handles and security rails are located in the most suitable locations.

In dimly lit or dark working environments, LED Working Lights on the cabin of HMK 640 WL lightens twice as much as standard ones. Moreover, they enable the operater to have a wide range of view at nights and to work long hours.

An environment-friendly diesel engine that is produced by Mercedes and industrially adapted by MTU providing a power of 324 HP and a torque of 1600 Nm with 6 cylinders and a displacement of 10.7 liters is used in the heart of the HMK 640 WL. This engine complies with all exhaust emission regulations throughout the world.

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A/C and ventilation system used in HMK 640 WL can be adjusted to ideal ambient conditions irrespective of the weather conditions. Also, misting on the cab windows is prevented thanks to the meticulously designed air ducts.

HMK 640 WL's steering can be adjusted both telescopically and forward and reverse.

You may use your smart phone or your tablet or the notes you have taken in the course of the day inside the cab easily with the multi-purpose holder inside the operator cab.

HMK 640 WL's functions such as A/C, lighting, radio, information display, etc. can be managed with the 8" high definition multimedia touchscreen. Also, this display serves as the display of rear view camera when you shift to reverse.

OPERA control unit, specially designed for HIDROMEK construction machines, is improved for HMK 640 WL and it allows the operator to control many functions of the machine from a single point.

All control elements are placed on the ergonomic operator console integrated to the seat. This console can be moved independently of the seat and thus allows the operator to adjust best working position for himself.

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Air suspended seat with heating & cooling features raises the comfort of operator while working long hours.

Storage boxes and a cooled section are located behind the seat of HMK 640 WL, increasing operator's comfort.

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Operating Weight (with standard equipment) 26.300 kg

*Operating weight covers weight of full fuel tank, liquids of hydraulic system and service, operator whose bodyweight is estimated 75 kg and standard equipment of machine according to ISO 6016 standards. Optional equipment is not included.


Front / Rear 26.5 R25 - L3
Make, Model MERCEDES BENZ 6R1100
Type OM 470 LA EU Stage IV
Number of Cylinders 6 in-line
Bore & Stroke 125 x 145 mm
Displacement 10.700 cc
Maximum Power 324 HP (242 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Maximum Torque 1600 Nm @ 1300 rpm

* High power and torque output, water cooled turbocharged diesel engine.

* Compatible with EU STAGE IV exhaust gas emission regulations.


  • Autoshift transmission for heavy duty service
  • 5 forward, 3 reverse gears
  • Torque converter with 2,194:1 stall ratio
  • Electrically controlled 4 Wheel Drive
  • Transmission oil cooler
  • Engine start only at the gear lever on neutral position for safety.
  • Electronic parking brake


  • Heavy duty type ZF axles
  • Planetary type reduction gears
  • ± 13 degrees oscillating at rear axle
  • Equipped with differential lock on the front axle


  • Closed center hydraulic system with LS type variable displacement pisyon type pumps
  • Ride control system (MSS)
  • Propertional and bi-directional hydrostatic fan
  • Emergency steering system
  • Easy access to minimess points
  • 1st Pump Flow: 190 l/min @ 1900 rpm
  • 2nd Pump Flow: 190 l/min @ 1900 rpm
  • 3rd Pump Flow 85 l/min @ 1900 rpm
  • 1st Pump Pressure: 250 bar
  • 2nd Pump Pressure: 210 bar
  • 3rd Pump Pressure: 250 bar


1st gear 6.8 km/h
2nd gear 11.7 km/h
3rd gear 18.3 km/h
4th gear 25.4 km/h
5th gear 37.8 km/h

At 1900 rpm engine speed


Bucket capacity (m³) 4,2
Maximum breakout force (kgf) 19.975
Static tipping load (no tire deflection) (kgf) 19.269
Static tipping load- articulated (no tire deflection) (kgf) 17.015
  • 35° tilting cab for ease of maintainance
  • Improved OPERA control system
  • 8 inches touch screen
  • Independently adjustable joystick console and armrest
  • Storage boxes
  • Coolbox
  • Externally servicable automatic air conditioner system
  • Coat hook
  • Single key (door/ start)
  • Front and rear windshield wipers
  • Dome light
  • SMARTLINK (optional)
  • Electrically controlled mono block hood.
  • LED Lights
  • Ergonomic handles for get in/off
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